Sort out examples from unit test helpers in examples package

                 Key: GIRAPH-22
             Project: Giraph
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: Jakob Homan

Within src/examples there are quite a few files defined that are mainly used in 
unit or other tests:
* GeneratedVertexInputFormat
* GeneratedVertexInputFormat
* LongSumAggregator
* MaxAggregator
* MinAggregator
* SimpleCombinerVertex
* SimpleFailVertex
* SimpleMsgVertex
* SimpleMutateGraphVertex
* SimpleSumCombiner
* SumAggregator
* SuperstepBalancer

Several of these explicitly say they're designed to aid in unit testing.  If 
these are indeed meant for testing, they should be moved to the test directory. 
 If they're examples, it would be better to sort out the overly complicated 
ones and ones that include lots of tests and asserts, so only to show the 
essence of the example.  Hopefully the examples directory have a few, very 
heavily documented programs of the helloworld/word count/shortest path variety 
(with sample inputs) that can be quickly launched.  Once new developers grok 
these, they can turn to the unit tests, which can of course be great sources to 
learn the code from.

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