Maybe it's possible, hard to say what will happen in a year. However, at the same time, porting an application from any of the projects to the another should be shouldn't be too difficult since the Pregel API is relatively simple. However, as I mentioned in my original post, I imagine that Giraph will support non-BSP graph computing models as well in the future (less portable).


On 9/13/11 12:51 PM, Dan Brickley wrote:
On 13 September 2011 21:43, Dmitriy Ryaboy<>  wrote:
Given how fast we are currently iterating on the API in Giraph, I think
agreeing on a common API across 3 projects is a bit premature at this stage,
Current velocity aside, ... could such an interface be plausible? e.g.
this time next year?


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