>  - *Giraph still works over mapreduce APIs*: Even after moving to YARN
> clusters, Giraph can still run over MapreduceV2+YARN. Without any code
> changes at all.
Giraph will continue to work with the MR1 APIs.

>  - *Giraph works natively onYARN*: This can be done in such a way that in
> the medium term, Giraph can continue to work on both a Hadoop Mapreduce
> cluster as well as a YARN cluster. Two visible effects when this effort goes
> underway, that I can think of:
As described in the JIRA, this is the approach I am taking as I do the work now.

>    -- There will be some moving around of classes/interface to separate
> APIs from implementation details and a bit of reorganisation of code to help
> support both GiraphV1 and GiraphV2.

>    -- The other thing the port will probably affect is a fork in the
> community's attention (depending on how much of the community's eyeballs the
> new world grabs as opposed to the stabilization/feature work on GiraphV1).
Not really.  Assuming the refactoring is done in a clean way, it'll be
relatively painless to support both.

> Now here's the thing. Avery indicated on the other thread(about Giraph over
> HAMA) that most of the users of Giraph need to work on top of a hadoop
> mapreduce cluster for quite some time. Which I completely agree with, being
> a long time maintainer/supporting-dev of Hadoop clusters myself.
> Given that concern, before embarking on the port, I thought I'd get opinions
> from the community.
I am also a Hadoop committer/dev and rest assured, Vinod, we'll ensure
that Giraph plays nice with MR1 for the foreseeable future.  The
issue's assigned to me and I'll be working on it over the next few

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