Hi Vinod,

Thank you for your thoughts. It would be great if your comments were put on GIRAPH-13 so they aren't lost. You and Jakob should sync up to see how to proceed on this.


On 9/18/11 7:37 AM, Vinod Kumar Vavilapalli wrote:
Hi all,

I finished an excursion into Giraph's code and now I kinda know what it
takes to port Giraph over to run on top of YARN.

When  the base Hadoop clusters are replaced by YARN clusters, Giraph will
have two options:
  - *Giraph still works over mapreduce APIs*: Even after moving to YARN
clusters, Giraph can still run over MapreduceV2+YARN. Without any code
changes at all.
  - *Giraph works natively onYARN*: This can be done in such a way that in
the medium term, Giraph can continue to work on both a Hadoop Mapreduce
cluster as well as a YARN cluster. Two visible effects when this effort goes
underway, that I can think of:
     -- There will be some moving around of classes/interface to separate
APIs from implementation details and a bit of reorganisation of code to help
support both GiraphV1 and GiraphV2.
     -- The other thing the port will probably affect is a fork in the
community's attention (depending on how much of the community's eyeballs the
new world grabs as opposed to the stabilization/feature work on GiraphV1).

Now here's the thing. Avery indicated on the other thread(about Giraph over
HAMA) that most of the users of Giraph need to work on top of a hadoop
mapreduce cluster for quite some time. Which I completely agree with, being
a long time maintainer/supporting-dev of Hadoop clusters myself.

Given that concern, before embarking on the port, I thought I'd get opinions
from the community.


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