There is support that Claudio added for exporting aggregator values ( You could probably also do your final computation there if that is what you want (if you want to do end of application manipulation). WorkerContext would be a good way to do aggregator manipulation in between supersteps (or at the end), as you suggested as well. Is the manipulation you want to do in between supersteps or just at the end of the application?


On 1/2/12 6:05 AM, Sebastian Schelter wrote:

I'm working on an algorithm that computes a global value of the graph
(its so called effective diameter) and I have an Aggregator with which
this value can be computed. What would be the correct place to implement
this computation?

I thought about WorkerContext first, but it seems that this is run on
each worker, which doesn't really fit my problem. Another question would
be how to persist that global value after the algorithm is done.


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