Hi Sebastian,

Great. It might be good to either (a) copy giraph-dev@ on the
discussion to keep the rest of the community outside of the specific
sub-group you're talking to aware of whats up; or (b) send a summary
of the discussion here. It's important to demonstrate that discussion
within Apache Giraph is happening *on the mailing lists* here.


On Jan 6, 2012, at 8:25 AM, Sebastian Schelter wrote:

> I have already been in email contact with Eugenia, because a colleague
> of mine is currently at UCI. I'll cc this mail to her :)
> --sebastian
> On 06.01.2012 14:20, Claudio Martella wrote:
>> Hello guys,
>> today I stumbled upon this:
>> https://grape.ics.uci.edu/wiki/asterix/raw-attachment/wiki/cs295-2011-fall-ProjectTeams/Team_8_Report.pdf
>> the code can be found here:
>> http://code.google.com/p/graph-algorithm-ports-giraph-hyracks/
>> Was anybody aware of this? Do you think we could take advantage of this code?

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