I hope somebody can shed some light on a piece of code i'm looking at
while working on GIRAPH-45 (and this code is also the object of
GIRAPH-95, so we'd probably get two birds with one stone here).

The code is taking care of vertex resolving in
[line 1091]:
           if (vertex != null) {
                ((MutableVertex<I, V, E, M>) vertex).setVertexId(vertexIndex);
                partition.putVertex((BasicVertex<I, V, E, M>) vertex);
            } else if (originalVertex != null) {

First, vertex cannot be null as it's resolved by vertexRevolver, but i
guess it's a sanity check. But the real question is: why would you
setVertex() considering it's been already initialized correctly in
Am I missing something or did I just realize that GIRAPH-95 is solved
by just removing that line? :)


   Claudio Martella

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