Hi Jeff,

what are you thinking about when you talk about supporting Blueprints?
Do you mean to use Blueprints to load the graph into Giraph (compared
to HDFS) or are you
imagining implementing Pipes/Gremlin on-top-of Giraph?
The first would be quite doable, but you'd need to load a lot of the
graph into giraph, to make sense to use it at first place.
The second one is more complicated and I'd love to see it happen.

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 5:44 PM, Jeff G <jeffgem...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Any plans to add TinkerPop Blueprint support to Giraph?  This would be a
> huge gain for the graph development community when wanting to test and
> upgrade to something like Haddop and Giraph.
> https://github.com/tinkerpop/blueprints/wiki/
> Blueprints is a collection of interfaces, implementations, ouplementations,
> and test suites for the property graph data model. Blueprints is analogous
> to the JDBC, but for graph databases. As such, it provides a common set of
> interfaces to allow developers to plug-and-play their graph database
> backend. Moreover, software written atop Blueprints works over all
> Blueprints-enabled graph databases.
> - Jeff G

   Claudio Martella

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