This approach looks good.

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 3:53 PM, Avery Ching <> wrote:

> I agree with this approach, although munge is kinda hacky.  It is easy
> though. =)
> Avery
> On 3/20/12 5:52 PM, Eugene Koontz wrote:
>> Hi Giraphers,
>>    I think it might be good to look at how we can add support for new
>> hadoop versions. Currently we have hadoop_facebook (
>> I am considering adding new ones such as hadoop_0.24. Looking at the code,
>> it seems that the main hadoop variation between the stock hadoop used
>> (0.203.0) versus facebook has to do with the new security-related APIs in
>> the latter that is, fortunately, also available in hadoop 0.23 and 0.24.
>> So, hopefully we can make use of the existing work that Avery has done for
>> hadoop_facebook and apply it to other hadoop versions. Therefore I would
>> propose that:
>> 1. a new munge flag HADOOP_SECURE to be used in and
>> a few other places, where we are currently checking for HADOOP_FACEBOOK and
>> 2. we make a new profile called hadoop_secure, which, as with
>> hadoop_facebook, will use the above munge flag.
>> 3. we make a new profile "hadoop_0.20.203" for the existing default
>> hadoop and make it the default profile (activeByDefault=true). This will
>> makes it easier to handle the differences in the hadoop library dependency
>> set that have happened between 0.20.203 and hadoop trunk.
>> Please see 
>>  my branch that implements the above.
>> Thanks,
>> -Eugene

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