Seems fairly reasonable. =)


On 12/6/11 12:31 PM, Jake Mannix wrote:
We could special-case NullWritable, and if that class is put into the conf, instantiate it separately. Seems like a common case if a user wants to ignore something.


On Mon, Dec 5, 2011 at 4:29 PM, Avery Ching < <>> wrote:

    Actually, isn't that because the default constructor is private?
     You probably need to write your own or subclass NullWritable with
    a public default constructor.


    On 12/5/11 3:59 PM, Inci Cetindil wrote:

        I was trying to use NullWritable as the type of my edge
        values. But it causes an IllegalAccessException when
        BspUtils.createEdgeValue() method tries to instantiate it;
        since NullWritable is Singleton with a private constructor. Is
        there a way to use NullWritable, or do I need to use another


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