2012/2/3 Claudio Martella <claudio.marte...@gmail.com>:
> Hi Andre,


> As I see it, we'd basically have to move all the API about edges from
> single object to Iterable (i.e. returning multiple edges for a given
> vertex endpoint as you suggested), and maybe also returning multiple
> vertices for a given edge(label).

If the goal of giraph is to be close to the pregel paper, then that
kind of API makes
more sense. I am going to look into your code and see if I can
integrated it in the
copy of giraph I use internally here right now.

> The single-graph, as it's implemented now compared to multi-graph,
> would be a subcase of this which internally it would return
> getEdgeValue().iterator().next().

That would mean, you'd have two different kinds of vertex, one
compatible with single-graphs
and one with multi-graphs. Sounds tricky to maintain on the long run,
but could be an idea.

André (@fs111)

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