I believe those are safe. It's just letting us know that a node was already created. We should probably try to reduce the amount of messages in the future. ZooKeeper is automatically instantiated for you if you do not set the zookeeper location.

In GiraphJob, you can set the ZooKeeper location:

   * Utilize an existing ZooKeeper service.  If this is not set, ZooKeeper
   * will be dynamically started by Giraph for this job.
   * @param serverList Comma separated list of servers and ports
   *        (i.e. zk1:2221,zk2:2221)
  public final void setZooKeeperConfiguration(String serverList) {
    conf.set(ZOOKEEPER_LIST, serverList);

Or you can set at runtime with "giraph.zkList".

Hope that helps,


On 3/13/12 1:23 PM, Fleischman, Stephen (ISS SCI - Plano TX) wrote:

When running the giraph test, I'm seeing Zookeeper errors, or at least warnings:

12/03/13 14:06:57 INFO server.PrepRequestProcessor: Got user-level KeeperException when processing sessionid:0x1360d74bff20000 type:create cxid:0x25 z= xid:0xfffffffffffffffe txntype:unknown reqpath:n/a Error Path:/_hadoopBsp/job_local_0001 Error:KeeperErrorCode =3D NodeExists for /_hadoopBsp/job_loca=


Is this significant?  The jobs seem to run.

Where is Zookeeper configured? I would like to be using a replicated Zookeeper environment.

Thank you in advance,

Steve Fleischman

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