I'm not sure what we'll do at the workshop, maybe Claudio could give a
presentation of his excellent prezi slides?


On 19.04.2012 22:07, Avery Ching wrote:
> Very nice!  Will these be similar to the 'Parallel Processing beyond
> MapReduce' workshop after Berlin Buzzwords?  It would be good to add at
> leaset one of them to the page.
> Avery
> On 4/19/12 12:31 PM, Sebastian Schelter wrote:
>> Here are the slides of my talk "Introducing Apache Giraph for Large
>> Scale Graph Processing" at the Berlin Hadoop Get Together yesterday:
>> http://www.slideshare.net/sscdotopen/introducing-apache-giraph-for-large-scale-graph-processing
>> I reused a lot of stuff from Claudio's excellent prezi presentation.
>> Best,
>> Sebastian

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