Benjamin Heitmann wrote:
> Hello, 
> since giraph requires the maven munge plugin in order to have correct source, 
> and since google did not find any existing solution, I though it might be 
> okay to ask this here: 
> How can I tell eclipse or the m2e maven eclipse plugin to execute the munge 
> maven plugin so that I have 
> giraph sources which actually compile in eclipse without errors ? 
> Right now, I need to edit the java source files which are broken due to the 
> munge syntax manually. 
> However, I need to do this every time those files get changed. 
> Is there an easier way to do this ? 

Hi Benjamin,
I do not have an answer/solution to your question.
Just wanted to say I experience same pain.

The goal of supporting all possible variants/version of Hadoop is great... but
it comes with a cost and pain.


> cheers, Benjamin. 

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