> I have not reread Ready Made Family recently but because my mother and I
> read the four school stories and then Runaway Home first, we were extremely
> curious about Karen's marriage and expected more in the way of revelation as
> to Edwin's appeal.  I do know a couple people who fell for their instructors
> or professors when they were older but at 18 the crush was much more likely
> to be on what in the US is called a teaching assistant, a graduate assistant
> much closer in age.  Even afterwards when Nicola learns to appreciate Edwin,
> it is hard to imagine Karen's initial attraction to him or his to her.
> Constance, now returning to a paper on Women's Battered Syndrome
Of course, Edwin isn't actually a lecturer - he is from the far more glamourous 
world of libraries and archives. I'm surprised anyyone would think to question 
his appeal...

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