Wednesday was a, but there was a lovely bright highlight in the
middle - I found some books!
Hbk Cricket Term 1st ed 1974, dw and all - so now I had 2 AF in hbk (other
one is Autumn T.) Yes I realise these are probably the easiest to find, but
here they're as scarce as hen's teeth.
Also Lark in the Morn which I've wanted for ages since finding Lark on the
Wing. Also hbk with dw, but not 1st.
Another Elfrida Vipont - The Pavilion, hbk, dw, 1st 1969.  Don't know it at
all, but looking forward to her style of writing.
Also William Mayne - Underground Alley hbk 1st 1958, sadly no dw and boards
quite faded and a bit torn, but still not bad.  And I so enjoy his books.

Don't know if any of you remember, but a couple of months back I asked for
help with a title of a pony story that had a pony called Tarka in it?  Some
of you tried to help,but none of the titles suggested sounded right.  For
some reason it was *the* pony story that I loved the best when I was a horse
mad young teen.
Well, at the same SHBS I caught sight of this tiny book tucked between the
other horse stories and thought " that's the same sort of size as *that*
book", picked it up, "mm, cover looks familiar, but title doesn't"  Looking
further I realised it is the same book.  How's that for coincidence -
haven't looked for it, haven't thought about it much except the horsey BD
jogged my memory and here almost hidden it's waiting for me.  "First Pony"
by Jane Eliot.  A teeny, tiny Collins pbk Spitfire Book 1967.  And the
memories came flooding back...

Thank goodness a dreadful Wed. and Thurs turned into a much happier Friday
and Sat.!
BTW No GO messages (or any others either) since last night - 24 hours ago -
most unusual.
Cape Town

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