Okay, everyone's convinced me that there *are* several examples of cancer
being used in children's books as TB was.  But I *still* think there is a
difference, in that cancer in books for children is, on the examples quoted,
the *point* of the book - it is the *whole* plot, and not merely a plot
device.  And also, in the early part of the century (less so as it
progressed), everyone would have had personal experience of someone with TB,
whereas very few people have personal experience of children with cancer,
because cancer is predominantly a disease of older ages.  Now, this doesn't
in the least make such books less realistic or less convincing about their
situations, and I would be the last to say that books should confine
themselves to children's actual experiences, but it does make them less
*typical* of real life than the GO books which feature TB.


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