Ann wrote
> I would have expected Australian books to be less class-ridden than
> English, but this doesn't seem to be the case for Turner.

Ethel Turner was born in England though, so perhaps English attitudes are to
be expected.   Her mother brought  Ethel  and her sisters to Australia when
she was about 10.  A semi-autobiographical novel of her early life is "Three
little maids".

Maybe Australia is not as class ridden as England, but there are definitely
classes!  The squattocracy that Mary Grant Bruce was so fond of for
example - and as a contrast to the lordly wonderful types at Billabong, the
poor subsistance farmers in Anderson's Jo.  Dirty, diseased, ill educated
and no morals they were.  Just like all their type of course.  Well it must
be true - I read it in a book.



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