On Sat, 6 Nov 2004 23:05:42 -0000, Debra Grice
> I wasn't born in the danger slot but I have never had mumps, even when my
> brother and best chum succumbed in 1972.  Should I be afraid, very afraid,
> or can I assume some sort of immunity? I had German measles twice, but that
> probably means 0 in terms of mumps immunity, even if it is now the same jab.
> Also I was wondering about TB - before antibiotics did people recover
> spontaneously, or did the people thought to be threatened who didn't
> actually die not really have consumption in the first place. I was reading
> recently  about consumption in the 18th C, that it was assumed to be a
> congenital tendency, rather than contagious, so presumably no steps were
> taken to quarantine the afflicted.
> Debra
> --
According to that site that Claire found the other day (
http://www.lung.ca/tb/tbhistory/prevention/ ) at least in Canada they
realised that you shouldn't cough over other people.
As for mumps - I've had them - I seem to remember it was about 3 weeks
after Chickenpox (the summer of the Queen's Silver Jubilee, so I
missed all the parties at school) You don't want it just after another
illness - though I guess at least I'm not a boy!

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