Did you read Sue Sims' article in a recent Folly about writing about the war at the time, as NS did in Curtain Up, The Children of Primrose Lane and others, and writing about it as a past event, as she did in When the Sirens Wailed? I very much agreed with what Sue said. Although the book aims for historical accuracy, to me it reads less true. Nicky said it didn't sentimentalise evacuation. I can't think of a book which does. (Cue to correct me with lists of examples.) Why didn't I like WTSW?
I found it unpleasant and unrealistic at the same time.

For a heartless view of evacuation from the other end, i.e. the hosts, one should of course read Put Out More Flags, by Evelyn Waugh. Ha ha!

Natasha wrote
Barbara wrote:
I really dislike When the Sirens Wailed and the

Thursday's Child pair.

That's interesting - I have been trying to read When the Siren Wailed all week, and I am not getting with it at all. Never read it before. Why don't you like it?

-- Barbara Dryden

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