Rose wrote:
>Also Lark in the Morn which I've wanted for ages since finding Lark on the
>Wing. Also hbk with dw, but not 1st.
>Another Elfrida Vipont - The Pavilion, hbk, dw, 1st 1969.  Don't know it at
>all, but looking forward to her style of writing.

You now have the same three that I have, 'The Pavilion' being the last of
the 5 books in the 'Haverard Family' series.
Having seen the prices of the 3rd and 4th ('The Spring of the Year' and
'Flowering Spring'), I don't think I'll be completing the series in the
foreseeable future!
Still, you never know, I might have the same luck as you had finding "First
Pony" - what a lovely find - well done!

Janice Brown

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