Barbara wrote:
>I really dislike When the Sirens Wailed and the
>>Thursday's Child pair.

and Natasha replied:
>That's interesting - I have been trying to read When the Siren Wailed all
>week, and I am not getting with it at all. Never read it before. Why don't
>you like it?

Having done an (incomplete) Streatfeild re-read earlier this year, I thought
I'd check the brief notes I made after reading these books. (Btw, thanks to
whoever mentioned they did this - it's a fantastic idea and very interesting
to read the comments later on.)

"June 2004 - 'When the Siren Wailed': a gripping story, and highly
appropriate reading for the D-Day commemoration weekend. Once again, the
ending seemed rushed though." (I'd made this comment about several of NS's
books, including 'The House in Cornwall')
"July 2004 - 'Thursday's Child': a pleasant read, different from her other
books, and better than I remember!" (I didn't really like this at all when I
read it when I was younger.)
"July 2004 - 'Far to Go': sequel to previous - quite enjoyable though rather
'hasty', being only 120 pages."

So am I alone in liking 'When the Siren Wailed' (but disliking 'Tennis

Incidentally, I found 'The Children of Primrose Lane' "totally unbelievable,
but nevertheless engrossing" (and it was nice to know the setting at the end
of the book), but 'The Bell Family' "lovely, believable and true-to-life,
though Ginnie seems to be Victoria Strangeways all over again" (and once
again it was a pleasant surprise to read about Hythe, which I know really
well too!)

Janice Brown
trying not to pre-empt the planned Streatfeild BD

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