Janice, are you sure you aren't me ? We seem to be of one mind about NS.
I hate the Tennis Shoes parents so much that I can't even think of
rereading the book, love the Bells (despite the shoddy editing that
leads to the Ginny/concert incident being repeated in the second book),
and enjoyed When the Siren Wailed a lot (far better than the nauseous
sentimentality of Goodnight Mr Tom). And I liked Thursday's Child - it
managed to get a  lot of Victorian settings into one book and liked the
theatre aspects of Far to Go but was bored by the baby farm subplot.

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>> "June 2004 - 'When the Siren Wailed': a gripping story, and highly
> appropriate reading for the D-Day commemoration weekend. Once again,
> ending seemed rushed though." (I'd made this comment about several of
> books, including 'The House in Cornwall')
> "July 2004 - 'Thursday's Child': a pleasant read, different from her
> books, and better than I remember!" (I didn't really like this at all
when I
> read it when I was younger.)
> "July 2004 - 'Far to Go': sequel to previous - quite enjoyable though
> 'hasty', being only 120 pages."
> So am I alone in liking 'When the Siren Wailed' (but disliking 'Tennis
> Shoes')?
> Incidentally, I found 'The Children of Primrose Lane' "totally
> but nevertheless engrossing" (and it was nice to know the setting at
the end
> of the book), but 'The Bell Family' "lovely, believable and
> though Ginnie seems to be Victoria Strangeways all over again" (and
> again it was a pleasant surprise to read about Hythe, which I know
> well too!)

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