Shereen said...

>Anyone got any thoughts about the scarlet fever epidemic in Masha?

I can't comment on that one, I'm afraid, as I've never read the book.  From
the brief description you provide, it sounds like a combination of "help!
What happens next?" and something that hadn't occurred to me: an
illustration of setting.  Are there any other illnesses or injuries out
there that point up the setting of the book?

> I'm reading Stowaways at the Abbey at the moment (thanks, Betula!) and I'm
struck by how epidemics allow authors to move their characters to places
they wouldn't normally be, by breaking up the usual routine.

This and the other examples you mention strike me as examples of the illness
that gets characters into position for what comes next.  Nancy's mumps in
"Winter Holiday" serve this purpose too.


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