Marguerite said...

> I seem to remember that Germany actually made it  official that Frau could
> used by any adult woman,I don't know if since then  [in the 1970s] it has
> replaced Fraulein . Any one from Germany on the list.AFAIK  there is no
> equivalent to Ms in Germany or France.

When I was 19 and working in Berlin (in 1989), I was addressed as "Frau" and
"Sie" as a matter of course.  (In fact, I was somewhat insulted by my boss's
boss who invariably called me "Fraulein Um" and "du".)  The norm seemed to
be, in business circles at least, that every woman was "Frau" whoever and
every man was "Herr" whovever.  And *everyone* was "Sie" (formal form of
"you").  Though amongst students, everyone was "du" (familiar "you") whether
they knew one another or not!



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