Hi Janice
I seem to have an email problem in that I haven't received any post since
Fri. night which is almost impossible.  My ISP's website where I can log
into my acc. says there are no messages for me, but having looked in GO's
archives, there should be at least 2 digests by now.  Don't understand as I
can send messages and go online.  But while in the archives I saw your reply
to my posting about the books.  I hadn't actually realised The Pavilion was
also part of the Lark series so I'm now even happier.  Will keep an eagle
eye out for the two inbetween - you never know!

If you have any idea about how I can figure out the email problem please let
me know on my daughter's email add:
Maybe you could email me anyway on that add. and on this one, just as a
I'd be so grateful,
Rose, feeling rather puzzled and frustrated.

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