I don't know if I sent this to the list or just to Marguerite! If I didn't you'll probably all have seen the mistake I made in the para she is talking about!

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Sorry, a typo there! I should have written: Babies reared in ideal conditions, that is, breast-fed and well cared for, died at the rate of approx. 80 per every 1000 births. But for babies not so reared, i.e. born into poverty in inner cities,insanitary conditions, not breast fed, etc.the death rate was, on average, 300 deaths per 1000.

Think I've got it right now!

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Babies reared in 'ideal' conditions -
regularly breatfed and well cared-for, could expect death rates of 80 to 100
per 100, but 300 deaths per 100 was the average
Pardon? It'd probably my fault I don't understand this bit

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