Why do you think it's not quite an annual.  I'd call it just that.  It's
exactly like many other of my annuals.

Evadne Price wrote the Jane books and Bertha wrote a number of school
stories though I don't much like her.  

It's not a very rare annual.

Susan D 

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> It's not quite an annual - more of a collection of short stories. Just
> come across it in a tidy up - it contains an EBD "Rescue in the
> Snows". Not a CS one, just a one off by the looks of things.
> Is it a particularly rare one? I've not come across it before.
> The book is called "My favourite story" & also has Blyton, Brazil,
> Briggs, Gervaise, Bertha Leonard (who ever she is), Norling, Evadne
> Price (not heard of her either), May Wynne, D.V. Duff - (etc) in. No
> date given.
> I have to say that the EBD one wouldn't count as "My favourite" but
> there you go. Must have been the compilers :)
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