Barbara wrote:
Why didn't I like WTSW?

I found it unpleasant and unrealistic at the same time.

I am actually getting on with it a lot better now (about 3/4 of the way through), but it's not the best book of hers, nor the worst by a long shot.

I know what you mean about it being unpleasant, that was partly my problem
to begin with, the children being separated from their mother, it made me
get all tearful.

I do actually get teary quite often with books, which is fine if I am
reading to myself but is a problem if I am reading aloud. I can't get though
Shirley Hughes's "Dogger" without my voice cracking at the end, and I just
did the same when reading reading the poem about Leerie the Lamplighter to
the children. It's okay now, as they don't read anything especially sad, but
what will happen when they get older? Even happy endings make me cry
sometimes. Imagine reading aloud the end of Charlotte Sometimes, or A Traveller in Time, and they aren't even the weepy ones.


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