Natasha said:
I do actually get teary quite often with books, which is fine if I am
reading to myself but is a problem if I am reading aloud. I can't get though
Shirley Hughes's "Dogger" without my voice cracking at the end, and I just
did the same when reading reading the poem about Leerie the Lamplighter to
the children. It's okay now, as they don't read anything especially sad, but
what will happen when they get older? Even happy endings make me cry
sometimes. Imagine reading aloud the end of Charlotte Sometimes, or A
Traveller in Time, and they aren't even the weepy ones.

Oh, me too, Natasha, hugely. Part of it often is the pleasure of knowing I'm reading a book I have loved for years to my own children and they're loving it too. Mind you, they find it slightly hilarious and slightly tedious. I had tears running down my cheeks for the whole last chapter of The Sword in the Stone and I could barely get the words out. Other killers: Charlotte's Web (that last line - desperate),RLS's poem, Where Go the Boats (and, yes, absolutely Leerie the Lamplighter), Outside Over There and Kipling's 'A Centurion's Song.'
wobbly voiced at the slightest tweak of the emotions.

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