I have a dreadful time with some of the books Freya brings home from infant
school.  The worst one, which she has brought home twice, is called
'Badger's Parting Gifts' or something like that - in which Badger dies and
all his friends are very very sad but then they start to remember all the
good things he taught them.  I really struggled to keep my composure during
that, and had to go out of the room for a sniffle once we'd finished!
Recently she brought home one about a much loved granny who'd died, and a
little girl and her family coming to terms with that, and I cried most of
the way through that one - as unobtrusively as I could whilst reading aloud!
I kept thinking 'one day, that will be my mum....' although she is very much
alive and well at the moment.  I'm not usually that emotional, but books
like that do it for me every time!

Reading aloud is definitely worse than reading something to myself.  I stood
in a bookshop and read 'Goodbye Mog' with not a tear in sight.  But I'm
quite sure if I read that aloud to the children I would be in floods of

What is it about Dogger?  I think I've only read it once, and don't remember
feeling particularly tearful.

Helen P

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> Natasha said:
> I do actually get teary quite often with books, which is fine if I am
> reading to myself but is a problem if I am reading aloud.

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