Yesterday Mandy and I travelled 2 1/2 hours each way, in nasty weather, to
an Abbey meeting.  Is that dedication or what?  Anyway we got to a little
town and there was one of those junky antiquey shops open so , having been
there before and knowing they had books, we went in.  I found five
hardcovers - nothing too exciting - and went up to the yokel, I mean local,
at the counter and asked how much they were.  I thought I'd buy a couple of
them if they weren't any more than $5 or so each.  The man said, hardcovers
are usually a dollar love, but since me boss made me work on a Sunday, you
can have 'em for 50 cents each.  What a mean boss, I said, as I dug out my
small change and smirked.
I bought The Bell Family to replace what I thought would be a paperback, but
it turns out I have a hardback anyway.  A Dorothea Moore I didn't have, a
Bessie Marchant I did have, and a copy of Who, Me? by Betty MacDonald.  This
is very topical as it is a sort of mishmash of her previous books largely
dealing with her TB.
A nice Sunday morning despite the weather.

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