Not having children of my own, I've never had the pleasure (or sorrow!) of
reading aloud a sad ending to a small child (my friends know better than to
pass their small things over to me!) But I have struggled to maintain my
composure when reading aloud to a class of 30 11 year olds, especially
because I know what's coming.  Just think The Silver Sword, and the reunion
scene near the end; The Magician's Nephew, when Digory brings the apple back
to Aslan, who cries with him about his mother; Anne Fine's Flour Babies,
when whatsisname is trying to come to terms with his father's desertion.
Trying to keep my voice steady was a major effort at times, but there's no
way I could have faced the amazement of a bunch of 11 y.o. whose teacher was
normally pretty tough!!

Pam K

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