"I have a dreadful time with some of the books Freya brings home from
infant school.  The worst one, which she has brought home twice, is
called 'Badger's Parting Gifts' or something like that - in which Badger
dies and all his friends are very very sad but then they start to
remember all the good things he taught them.  I really struggled to keep
my composure during that, and had to go out of the room for a sniffle
once we'd finished!"

A friend bought us this book when my husband died (my children were then
4 and not quite 2).  It was so beautiful, but I STILL cannot get through
it with out tears, but my kids say that is part of the beauty of the
book.  They can cry with Badger's friends, but then see what he left
them and things are OK!


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