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> I take Sally's point about the dates of the two writers and also that
> Trease tackled a broader range of subjects in his books. I can never
> that Trease was a patch on Ransome as a writer.
And ? Does not being as good as one writer make someone a bad writer
then ? I don't really understand the point here - there is valid
criticism to be made about the Bannermere series (I find Bill's
relentless conformity a bit tiresome. He must be the only 17 year old
ever to spend a parent-free holiday in France and refuse all offers of
alcohol) but I don't see that the fact that they may or may not be worse
than the Swallows and Amazons is one of them. Surely books should stand
or fall on their own merits (comparisons being odorous as Shakespeare
said) ?


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