I will add to those who have already mentioned  the end of The Railway 
Children and The Incredible Journey, I have tears in my  eyes at the thought of 
A terrible, terrible book for making me cry is  The Velveteen Rabbit, 
shockingly sad.

I expect most of GO will laugh at  me for this (but I don't mind because it 
will cheer you all up)
the Part Of A  Film Guaranteed To Make Susan Cry is the bit in the Sound Of 
Music when Captain  Von Trapp is singing Eidelweiss at the Music festival and 
he is overwhelmed by  the emotion of the occasion and Julie Andrews sorry Maria 
has to come over to  help him sing.
And don't say that The Sound Of Music is off topic, it is  clearly based on 
CS in Exile.

Susan (off to look for a biscuit to cheer  myself up!)  

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