Adeline asked: So when did vaccination against these illnesses start? I am
27 and was only
ever vaccined against Polio, Diphteria, Tetanos and TB. 

This is very weird for me, I'm in the US & I got the MMR vaccine as a child
(not sure if it was combined, or separate measles, mumps, rubella).  When I
was in high school, the whole "may have been vaccinated too early" thing hit
here & they re-vaccinated me (and if Mom had written down the month I was
vaccinated in, I wouldn't've needed it!)--I graduated HS in 1985, so the UK
#'s just seem STRANGE to me.  I've also been vaccinated 2 other times,
because until the last, the "rubella" vaccine didnt take.  So vaccines
aren't perfect!  But then, neither is natural immunity--my mother caught her
second case of the German measles in Britain a number of years ago.  That is
rare enough in the US that all the interns/med students were called in to
see a REAL case.

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