Jane wrote:
>I recently found, after years of searching, The Ten Pound Pony, by Veronica
>Westlake, which ends with a huge family reunion (not quite "Daddy, my
>but getting on for).  Had just reached this bit and was standing there
>sniffling, book in hand when in walked the electrician.

I've just re-found my copy of that after our Great House Move (8 months ago
Perhaps I'd better re-read it before the builders come to do the damp proof

Actually it's usually stories about animals (especially cats) dying that get
me going, but, as with other GO-ers, 'Daddy my Daddy' in the film (though
not the book!) is a guaranteed handkerchief-soaker.

Janice Brown
who loves "Badger's Parting Gifts" too

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