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>I expect most of GO will laugh at  me for this (but I don't mind because it 
>will cheer you all up)
>the Part Of A  Film Guaranteed To Make Susan Cry is the bit in the Sound Of 
>Music when Captain  Von Trapp is singing Eidelweiss at the Music festival and 
>he is overwhelmed by  the emotion of the occasion and Julie Andrews sorry 
>has to come over to  help him sing.

I am not laughing, because I always cry when the Von Trapp children go
to the convent and the nuns won't let them see Maria.....

I also cry in a thoroughly drain-like way in many other films, including
ET and Batteries Not Included and The Seventh Sign.  But just saying the
words It's A Wonderful Life bring on sniffles.  

Books make me cry much less.  The Velveteen Rabbit is bad.  And of
COURSE House at Pooh Corner.  
Diane Purkiss
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