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>This is absolute garbage. This kind of hysterical demonization of anyone 
>who doesn't march in lockstep with the liberal viewpoint is exactly the 
>reason the liberals lost the election.

But this is always Pullman's public persona, thus neatly summarised.
IMHO, he is quite scary himself, as are those breathtakingly arrogant
Guardian readers who wrote to people in Ohio and told them to vote
Democrat.  IMHO, and I know this will be contested, his opinions are
often not very sophisticated or nuanced.  

Or original.  He [Pullman] has been watching 'The Power of Nightmares',
which argued exactly that the republican right and Islamic
fundamentalism require each other for existence and power.  

However, I'm not so sure any of this is why Kerry lost.  Can you expand
a little, Eleanor?  Helen, if you call us to order perhaps Eleanor might
be willing to continue by email?  
Diane Purkiss
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