At 12:09 PM 11/8/2004, Deborah A. Fleming wrote:

Liberals aren't the ones who refused access to Bu$h campaign rallies to anyone
who might express an opposing view.  Liberals did not pen protesters up far
away from where the President of the United States, who is supposed to be
representing us all, was speaking, on numerous occasions.

More garbage. The only "penning" of protestors was done because of valid security concerns, and was done at both the Democratic and Republican conventions to keep terrorists from invading the venues. In fact, the protesters were kept farther away at the Democratic convention than the Republican convention. Apparently we know how to handle crowds better in New York City than they do in Boston.

I didn't know that there was some solemn constitutional right for hecklers to be allowed to disrupt campaign rallies. Then again, I am a strict constructionist.

America, according to our Constitution, is supposed to be about a lot of rights
that are fast disappearing. I lament this morphing into something that will be
unrecognizable as the America I have loved for so long. Religious
fundamentalism IS having in impact.

What a dilemma! The liberals, who think they know so much better than anyone else what is right and good and just, are being rejected in the wonderfully democratic system that they profess to hold dear. The problem can't be that they have gone off the deep end and turned liberal values into a convoluted series of litmus tests to determine political correctness. Of course not. It must be that 59 million Americans are stupid, bigoted, benighted fools who just won't LISTEN!

Pity we can't just toss democracy and let the liberals rule by fiat. They are so much more enlightened than the rest of us.

I posted this because we have discussed Pullman, and his writing and beliefs,
here on GO, before.  Interesting reactions.

No, you posted it because you wanted to inject politics where it didn't belong and hoped to stir up some America-bashing where you thought it was safe to do so, on a list with relatively few Americans.

Since almost all of the media in the U.S. is owned by right-leaning supporters
of Bu$hCo, let's not kid ourselves that there is much of a "liberal" media
today in the U.S.

Oh, yes indeedy. Like CBS, with its fabricated National Guard memos, and then its little plan to run the Iraq explosives story--repackaged old news, in any event--two days before the election.

As the Patriot Act is expanded, the few dissenting voices will probably

Guess we won't hear from you again, then. But of course you know that the Patriot Act merely allows the government, WITH specific judicial approval, to use tools against terrorists that it has long used against drug dealers.

America now has, effectively, a one-party system.  This may not bode well for
future events.  I think time will tell if Pullman's assessment is correct in
his opinions.

And whose fault is that drift to one party? The Democratic Party, instead of trying to address the real concerns of what has always been its base, writes off those in the middle of the country and the South as stupid ideologues. Pity that the party of FDR and LBJ has deteriorated into what we see today. Be that as it may, reports of the death of the Democratic Party are still quite premature.

I have faith in the system, even when it elects candidates I don't like. So many liberals seem to have none, with all their recent weeping and gnashing of teeth about the election results. This is a democracy and a republic; we went to the polls and elected our president--so deal with it.

You know something? I really wouldn't have bothered to respond if Pullman had merely bashed Bush. But his idiocy in equating the "Christian right" with "Islamic fundamentalists" is simply too much to allow to go unanswered. It's the worst kind of garbage.

That's all I'm going to say for now.

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