On 8 Nov 2004 at 19:56, Shereen Benjamin wrote:

> This is of no help, but you've really sent me spinning off down memory lane.
> Tiens, Jean et Colette at the shops *again*. Why were they always buying 'un
> peu de persil'? With of course the ever-present robber in the background, up
> to no good. I am resolved never to buy parsley in France, it's much too
> dangerous. 
> Shereen

Oh, Shereen! ROFLMAO! Tiens, pour nous c'etait toujours Nicole, Georges et 
Xavier (which we always pronounced EX-avier), avec lesquelles nous faisons un 
pique-nique. With people on boats and on the bridge and others in the meadow 
around (Fotherington-Tomas anyone?).

Anna Campbell

    The Canadian? The Canadian's the killer? Oh, that is _so_ 
    un-Canadian!                        Det Ray Vecchio, 'Due South'

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