Someone mentioned Incredible Journey - that's a happy ending yet it finishes
me off just thinking about it, and reading it to the kids was a *big*
But have any of you read Jock of the Bushveld by Percy Fitzpatrick?  Famous
old story about a Staffie type hunting dog belonging to a wagoneer who used
to follow the trail from the coast up past what became Kruger National Park
to the goldmines at Johannesburg.  It's a fabulous adventure/animal story
based closely on real life at the time and it's become a South African
classic.  Of course Jock dies in the end and it's just too awful to bear!
My girls saw the movie a few years ago and now flatly refuse to read it as
they know it's sad at the end.  Aren't we all silly?
Goodnight Mr Tom is another happy ending that I weep over, but then I weep
over lots of other parts of it too.

Interesting that no one (I think) has mentioned EJO - she doesn't do much
weepy stuff, does she?  Andrew dying is sad but there's not much else I can
think of right now.
Cape Town

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