You certainly can develop immunity. When I was a very young child I spent some time in what was then the Brompton Chest Hospital. I didn't have TB but ever after was a reactor to the test and have never had to have the jab.
Similarly, when I was pregnant I had a test for rubella (there was no vaccination available when I was young) and was told that I'd had the disease. I hadn't, but my sister did have it and I must have picked up the immunity then.

Dorian wrote
Yes, I believe some people did recover, due simply to their own body's being
able to fight the disease off.  I've read of several cases of women who
lived in Dublin's tenements in the first half of the 20th century (where TB
was endemic) later having chest x-rays and being asked "when did you have
TB?".  They hadn't even known they'd contracted and recovered from the
disease, probably because they were too busy nursing family members at the

-- Barbara Dryden

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