Bon soir,

I'm in the same boat as the rest of you, as all the ones mentioned that I've read get me going. I would list them all, but since practically every children's book has me feeling tearful, I shall just mention the hoary favourites.

LMM - Beth's illness & dying & Amy not being there in; as well as various parts of Little Men & esp the end of Jo's Boys when Dan realises he will never be good enough for Amy's Bess.

LMM - Matthew dying, Ruby dying, Gilbert almost dying, the end of Rainbow Valley most of Rilla.

EBD - Jacynth's Auntie & then the photo off Ruth (I have to put the book down at that point). Exile when she gets Rufus back & when Jack returns; in fact most scenes with or about Rufus.

The Railway Children, Goodnight Mr. Tom, and any film adaptation of those mentioned. I must not forget DFB, there is plenty for my tear ducts in her books - what about Senior Prefect, when Dimsie is a motherless 10 yo.

Sound of Music gets me as well, & the end of Moulin Rouge. If I'm honest, even some of Blyton's books have me in tears - the last Mallory Towers, Those Dreadful Children, The Family at Red Roofs; & as for Hollow Tree House (just thinking of it has got me blubbing).

Actually I had better stop soon or there will be no tissues left in the house & I bought 3 boxes full the other day.

I just have one more to mention - the author Emilie Richards. She isn't a GO author, she a romance writer who rights mainly for Silhouette; but I think I've only ever read one of her's that did not get me crying. And since I rate books by how much they make me blub, then this writer deserves a mention.

I have suddenly remembered something I wanted to share with all of you. It is about Redheads by EBD. I have just read it and I have to admit there are some not so bad parts in it (actually compared to some books it is quite decent). It certainly shows just how good a writer EBD was when even at her worse, she could write a scene that has heart strings moving.

The scene I am thinking of is after they have caught the Manley behind it all, and it is revealed that he was suffering an illness (cancer probably) which was slowly killing him, but which had been hastened. It is at that point that I am reminded of many of her classic scenes. It is pure EBD, and has nothing to do with outside demands of publishers, fans & the period.

Tearfully yours,

Sera x
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