If you'll refer to my original post, I did not state any facts, other than to
present Pullman's quote.  

I am a librarian, researching all of the time,  and have compiled reams of
information about many aspects of our political scene in America at this time,
and the direction in which our nation is headed.  Not a pretty picture.  But it
seems you have done your own research and have come to different conclusions. 
That is great!

If you want more information, some of which might not be in keeping with
whatever you believe, I can make some recommendations, but it would have to be
outside of GO.  As you said, this is not the place for all of that.  

I think few outside of the U.S. are in such desperate need of an education when
it comes to what is going on in America, as are Americans, at least many
Americans living in the U.S.  I truly believe that we are on the Road to the
Rude Awakening.  

I did not attack you, you attacked me.  I did not fly off the handle when you
attacked, but you came completely unhinged when I quoted Pullman, whose radical
views against religion have been discussed here a number of times. 

I suggested that you get some help instead of projecting your issues onto me. 
The choice is yours.

Good luck!  

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