At the risk of repeating myself to long-standing list members, I'd 
like to remind everyone that although there are a lot of us who are 
academically minded there are those who are not. Please will everyone 
remember this when replying to messages as emails are notorious for 
being vehicles for misinterpretations and misunderstandings. 

Likewise,if you feel passionately about something, please say so - 
others can, and sadly do, put stresses on words where you hadnt 
intended them to and misinterpret your words. Use emoticons (see for some, 
I'm sure there are many more lists) to help others see what you were 
getting at. 

Finally, don't go out to have the final word every time. It comes 
across as being hostile to some people. We have lost members because 
of some people insisting on having the last word and hammering a 
thread to death and beyond in the pursuit of the last word.

I am not naming names now, but I will if I really feel I have no 
choice and if things do not settle down.



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