In my opinion, both Pullman and some current conservatives are making
the same mistake: equating Christianity/ religion with right-wing

Religion does not constrain people to be right-wing. There have been
many prominent religious people prominent in progressive causes - the
Rev. Martin Luther King and Archbishop Tutu to name but two within
Christianity. Of course, there are also religious people, from all 
religions, on the right of politics. I don't think any religious text
contains the commandment, "Thou shalt vote for right [or left] wing 

I did say I wouldn't post any more on this; am breaking my own rule!

Can we perhaps move on to politics and religion in books, rather than
IRL? For example, AF appears to be conservative both in religion and
politics. 200 years ago, Ann and Jane Taylor's "Hymns for Infant Minds",
though undoubtedly conservative in many ways, carried a strongly anti-war
message. Can anyone else think of other examples - perhaps including 
some from other religions?

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