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> In my opinion, both Pullman and some current conservatives are making
> the same mistake: equating Christianity/ religion with right-wing
> politics. 

To be fair to Pullman, he is specifically talking about the Christian right not 
Christians in general (likewise he is not talking about *all* Muslims). I'm 
sure he is perfectly aware that Southern baptist churches in Texas have a very 
different ethos from Episcopalian communities in Vermont and it is the former 
he is talking about.

>Can we perhaps move on to politics and religion in books, rather than
IRL? For example, AF appears to be conservative both in religion and

Trease seemed to have gradually moved to the right until the Bannermere books 
seem very conventional to me. Nesbit is very interesting - some people have 
suggested that her Fabianism was more about wanting wear arts and crafts 
dresses and smoke in public than actual socialism and her books do seem quite 
conventionally snobbish about class. One interesting writer is Frank Richards - 
while he's certainly no lefty, his early stories (especially the St Jims ones) 
do feature a lot of discussions about politics and the eccentric socialist 
Skimpole, though a figure of fun, is usually allowed to have the last word. And 
he does tend to be quite cynical about conventional authority figures.

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