This is the first time I have done this! Just needing to clear out my
shelves. Prices are in Australian dollars, postage not included.

Angela Brazil:
    "A pair of schoolgirls"  hc/dj  $4
    "A rpincess at the school" Armada pb $2
    "Three terms at Uplands" Armada pb $2
    "Amanda's New School" Armada pb $2

EL Haverfield
    "The Discovery of Kate"   hc/dj $5

Constance M White
    "Sandra Takes Command"  hc/dj $4
    "Three Cheers for Penny" hc/dj $4

Sylvia Little
    "Mystery at Queens" hc/dj $4

Nancy Breary
    "The Rival Fourths"  hc/dj $4

Anne Digby
    "Into the Fourth at trebizon" hc/dj (ex. Lib) $2
    "Summer Term at trebizon" puffin pb $2

Marcia MArtin
    "Donna Parker takes a giant step" hb $2

    "Stowaways in the Abbey" Collins (Seagull?) hc/dj  $4

Helen Wells
    "Cherry Ames Student Nurse" hc/dj $5
    "Cherry Ames Cruise nurse" hc/dj $5
    "Cherry Ames Flight Nurse" hc/dj $5
    "Cherry Ames Senior Nurse" hc $2


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